Be the envy of your friends and family with  beautiful furniture. Whether you are looking to modernize  your pieces of furniture or just a new look. Decora Furniture and Design is excited to bring your ideas into actuality.

Our experienced craftsman will bring your ideas and style to your furniture, with a commitment to quality at affordable rates.

We Specialize in;

Residential Upholstery, 
Commercial Upholstery, 
Marine Upholstery, 
Industrial Upholstery, 
Restaurant Upholstery, 
Automobile Upholstery, 
Upholstery Repair, 
Furniture Repair, 
Antique and Modern Upholstery, 
Structure new Furniture, 
Refinishing and Restyling, 
Furniture Restoration, 
Proto Type Work,
Slip Covers, 
Reinforce Springs,
Pillows, Padding, Filling, 
Church Pew Restoration and Upholstery, 
Assemble and Dissemble Furniture, 
and Insurance Claims for Furniture Repair and Upholstery

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